2 HAIKUS Y UN ROCK en el Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Dinamarca

9 de junio, 16.00
2 Haikus y un Rock
Frøslev, Denmark

Mikkel Andersen, guitar 
-Music by Ramon, Dzenitis, Zavala, Santa Buss, Aguirre, Astrup, Nordstrøm and Rasmussen.


Mikkel Andersen has put together a quite spectacular and wide-ranging program for this concert.
Two new works by Evelin Ramon from Cuba/Canada and Andris Dzenitis from Latvia, both commissioned by Mikkel Andersen will be performed. 

These works are completed with music by Mercedes Zavala from Spain, Santa Buss from Latvia, Louis Aguirre of Cuba/Denmark and the Danish works of Bendt Astrup, Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm and Niels Christian Rasmussen.

The music ranges from folk to entirely experimental music. It integrates both the guitar body, voice and electronics, and the works are putting the acoustic, the timbre - "the sound of the guitar" - in relation to other aspects such as poetry readings and includes, for instance the use of an iPad.

Mikkel Andersen studied at the music academies in Aalborg and Aarhus and at the Royal College of Music in London. He has released two solo CDs with Spanish and South American music. He is affiliated with the music school in Køge and're also guitar school "Casa de la guitarra". Mikkel Andersen has performed a huge  amount of  concerts both in Denmark and abroad.

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