CICLO CHARLES BUKOWSKI: (Work in progress)


“Play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument util the fingers begin to bleed a bit.”

· The violin player (1995) 7’- 10'
On  the poem by Ch. Bukowski
(for narrator, street violin, and passerby musicians)
E: 18 - 8- 1995, Music School Hall de la Canford School of Music Dorset, England.

· Blue moon, oh bleweeww moooon”
 (1997) 4’Cursiva
On  the poem by Ch. Bukowski
(for mezzo, piano and figurant with tape)

· Tough Company (1998) 8’-10’
On  the poem by Ch. Bukowski
(for tape, fl, cl, sax, guitar, piano and perhaps conductor-smoking and figurants)

· Hug the Dark (2015) 8’
On the poem by Ch. Bukowski
For guitar
To Mikkel Andersen
Susa Festival 2015 comission

· Play the Piano (2017) 
On  the poem by Ch. Bukowski
piano solo

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